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Julie Cleijne

As a Nutrition trained Natural Chef, trained in plant-based cooking and ‘free-from’ cooking, and post graduate studies in Chinese Nutritional Therapy and Herbal remedies, Julie’s skills and knowledge are uniquely positioned to provide much needed expertise to help hospitality businesses and brands respond to the rapid changes in customer eating habits, and healthy food trends, as well as helping them address the need to modify menus to meet global environmental goals.

With a life long food allergy, Julie has long held a passion for experimenting with cooking with dairy and gluten free alternatives, a good 35+ years before the current ‘free-from’ movement!  As an obsessive lover of food and dining out, she knows all too well the frustration that often goes with eating at a restaurant and having limited choices.  She was driven to make dining out a better experience for everyone – customers with dietary needs, businesses who can cater to them, and the wonderful suppliers looking to provide sustainable produce to all, And so, Sustainable Kitchen was born.

The Hospitality industry has always been a constant in her life with various roles in the kitchen, front of house and also management operations.  She has also created and launched her own range of Vegan condiment products, including specialist vegan cheeses.

With extensive experience also as a Management Consultant and Senior Programme Manager, working in the Financial Services industry in Melbourne, Edinburgh and London, Julie is no stranger to managing large projects of work, building strong collaborative client relationships, and leading teams to deliver projects on time and budget.   Sustainable Kitchen is the perfect marriage of her diverse skills and experience.

Julie also works within her local community on sustainability and environmental projects, where she is a founding member of a climate action group, working to help her local community and businesses adopt more positive environmental and sustainable practices. 

Sarah-Jane Brickell

Sarah-Jane is a highly accomplished Chef who has worked in many of London’s top Hotels, including The Langham, The Dorchester, The Conrad St James, The Metropolitan and The Curtain.  As the lead lifestyle chef at the Lanesborough Hotel Members Club and Spa she has co-developed delicious and nutritionally sound dishes in conjunction with the Senior Personal Trainer, to suit the individual dietary needs of their members.  

She is also a highly sought after chef for private clients, and for Yoga retreats in the UK and abroad, where she creates bespoke plant-based and allergen-free menus to meet her clients dietary and lifestyle needs.

Sonia Espana

Sonia is an experienced Vegan Chef, and the lead teaching assistant at the Vegan Chef School of Excellence.

Sonia has been somewhat of a pioneer in the early days of Vegan eateries, opening her first Vegan cafe and cultural hub in Spain, more than 15 years ago, which she managed for over 3 years.

At 11 years of age, Sonia encountered Vegan food for the first time, and without even being aware of it, she started her journey into a Vegan lifestyle.  

Having grown up in Southern Spain, where her hospitality industry experience started at a very young age, working in her parents successful restaurant, Sonia had access to fresh and local ingredients, which ignited her interest in food.  Her Mum was an accomplished chef with a rustic style, so her love for local and seasonal food was passed on over many hours in the kitchen.

After moving to London Sonia completed formal training as a Vegan Natural Chef, whilst working with a raw food company.



Alessandra Felice 

Alessandra is a Natural Chef, having gained her training from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York.  She is also a Nutritional Therapist, graduating from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. 

In New York, she worked as a Vegan pastry chef at Pure Food and Wine, as well as a private chef for people with special dietary needs. In London, she has worked as pastry manager in prominent raw and vegan restaurants including Inspiral Lounge, and Raw Press.  She is also a plant based medicinal chef for private clients.

Alessandra is also a Nutrition and Health content writer for both UK and Italian based health and cooking publications, and also leads plant based and health based cooking classes for private and group audiences.

Born in Italy, she developed her passion for cooking from a young age learning from her Nonna and Mom and matured a strong belief in the connection between food and wellbeing that led her to her professional trainings.


Katie Wheaton

Katie is a trained plant-based chef and registered Nutritional Therapist based in London.  She trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine where clinical practice underpins the training alongside Nutritional Science.  Three years of study has allowed her to hone her knowledge of naturopathic nutrition and healing foods.

Katie’s unique knowledge and insight gained from working as a plant-based chef, food grower, and subsequent training in Naturopathic Nutrition and Nutrigenomics allows her to tailor and develop menus and personalised nutrition plans to suit specific needs. 

She specialises in vegan/vegetarian ‘free from’ menus for people working with food allergens, and gut healing protocols, and has worked creatively and collaboratively with many start up enterprises and charities including Detox Kitchen, East London Juice, Shoreditch Trust, Exploding bakery, The Pressery, and Capital Growth.  

Alongside her private practice, Katie works as a plant-based medicinal chef for private clients, and lead chef for designing and delivering yoga retreat menus, based on the clients individual needs. Katie writes for OptiBac Probiotics educating on gut health, and using probiotic supplements and fermented foods to assist gut healing, and a balanced microbiome.

Her approach is client-focused, personalised, educational, and collaborative.  KATIE’s MINDFUL KITCHEN was founded on the belief that food is medicine and is not just about what we eat but how we eat, and how we grow our food.  She advocates the use of seasonal, organic colourful foods to support a happy gut.  Combining nutritional science and plant based healing, Katie’s passion is helping people nourish the body and mind for optimal health.  

Stephanie Cardwell

Stephanie is a Nutrition trained Natural Chef, as well as a qualified Nutritional Therapist. 

She has worked with plant-based Community kitchen Made in Hackney and developed a series of gut healing cooking workshops.  Highlights also include cooking for Rude Health photo shoots and cooking demo tasters for Melissa Hemsley and Anna Jones. 

Steph is immensely passionate about creating food which focuses on highlighting the benefits of eating seasonal, sustainable and good quality food, and has a great skill in particular with fermenting foods and imaginative ways to implement dairy-free methods of cooking. 

Having grown up in South Africa with a family who instilled a love of food from a young age, Steph says she felt like she spent her whole life living in the kitchen.

Guha Aravindan

Guha is a Nutrition trained Natural Chef, and is Head Chef for Yoga retreats throughout India and the UK, where she creates wonderful Vegan and Vegetarian meals for happy customers. 

Guha also conducts cooking workshops in Vegetarian cooking, and is also the founder of a Vegan snack product range, which is gluten-free and refined sugar-free.

Having grown up in India, where food plays a very important role in the local culture, Guha developed a passion for cooking and learnt to cook in an environment where Vegetarian and gluten-free recipes are the norm.

After moving to London Guha decided to formalise her training and qualified as a Natural Chef soon after.  She has a unique skill to be able to really elevate vegetable dishes with her knowledge of spices and the wonderful combinations she makes.

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