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Serving up sustainability

Our services are designed to help you reduce your carbon footprint, and your operating costs, whilst attracting new and loyal customers.

All without losing what is unique about you

Our services


We work with your team to create an innovative menu that caters to all, regardless of food allergies and lifestyle choices Our experience and love of great food and hospitality has taught us that we can be passionate as well as practical. That's why we work collaboratively with your team to adapt your menu, whilst still maintaining the essence of your business, and what makes you unique.

Our services


We empower your team to create their own 'free-from' and vegan menu options, by providing tailored training sessions to meet your needs. Staff across the whole business from the management team to front of house to the kitchen become more educated and invested, and this ultimately leads to improved staff satisfaction and retention

Our services


We believe that food can be used as an integral part of telling a story, and love nothing more than creating bespoke menus that tie in with a specific product launch, theme, business style or specific event. We aim to rescue food surplus from passionate suppliers and producers who for many different reasons have extras e.g. an imbalance between supply & demand, or because of non-conforming aesthetic standards, and turn them into culinary delights. Let us provide you with a Sustainable catering service

Our services


We use our extensive network of suppliers to help you source specialist 'free-from' products and ingredients. We work with you to source ingredients from sustainable sources. We connect you with great suppliers, who share the same ethos of encouraging more inclusive dining, and minimising the impact on the environment

Our services


We help you implement processes which have a positive impact on the environment, such as better management of food waste, and better choices of packaging. As well as the commercial benefits, businesses can feel good about what they are doing to manage their environmental impact, and in turn so can customers. ​

Our services


We help you achieve Accreditation from industry bodies such as Vegan & Vegetarian Society, Coeliac UK or Allergy UK, to open up even more opportunities to attract new and loyal customers.


Our team of marketing specialists, food stylists and photographers help you implement visually engaging campaigns designed to promote your inclusive menu, and attract new customers. In this digital age, effective marketing strategies and attractive online image are vital to reaching new, and retaining loyal customers.

Are you ready to welcome more customers? We'd love to work with you


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