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Meet the Sustainable Kitchen Team

Julie Cleijne


Sarah-Jane Brickell

Vegan trained Chef, Menu developer, Private Chef

Sonia Espana

Vegan Chef, Trainer of Vegan Chefs

Katie Wheaton

Nutritional Therapist, Private Natural Chef

Alessandra Felice

Natural Chef, Nutritional Therapist, Health & Wellness writer

Stephanie Cardwell

Natural Chef, Nutritional Therapist, Digital business specialist

Guha Aravindan

Natural Chef, Vegetarian cooking specialist

Abi Bryony

Photographer, Storyteller, Food Stylist

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Innovative, creative and driven by a passion for good food and hospitality that is inclusive, we are an experienced team of specialists who are professional, practical, consistent and business minded.

Led by skilled Natural & Vegan Chefs, with strong backgrounds in business management, and supported by an extensive network of industry specialists, we have the ability to transform businesses.

We are excited about giving those with dietary requirements or preferences the same freedom of choice and quality dining out experience as those who don’t.  Delivering more innovative and interesting food for all.  

Our specialist skills and collective experience make us unique, and our friendly positivity and passion runs through everything we do. 


Why are we best placed to help your business?

Inspired by a lifelong passion for great food & dining out, with a first-hand challenge of her own personal dietary requirements from a food allergy and intolerance, our founder Julie wanted to give those with dietary requirements or preferences the same freedom of choice and quality of experience as those who don’t when eating out.

With Sustainable Kitchen her aim is to create more choice of restaurants and cafes to eat out in, plus more menu choice in them to enjoy.  

All in a commercially and environmentally sustainable way.

As a Natural Chef herself, and supported by a wider team of Natural and Vegan chefs, and industry experts, the team have more than 35 years of hospitality experience, including developing start-up businesses, day to day operations, as well as kitchen expertise.  Julie and the team are expertly placed to help businesses with the practical and technical skills required to cater to a wide group of customers. 


Are you ready to welcome more customers? We'd love to work with you


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