1 in 3 Britons are reducing their meat intake and 1 in 8 are choosing to be Vegan or Vegetarian
Almost 2m people live with a food allergy, with 1 in 100 having coeliac disease. Many more have food intolerances
Thousands of diners find themselves without restaurants that are able to cater to their requirements


Customers are more conscious about dietary requirements than ever before. They are seeking a more inclusive, innovative hospitality experience that caters better for those with food allergies, intolerances, and specific lifestyle choices.
The vegan customer market has had the most explosive growth, and shows no sign of slowing down.


Customers awareness of sustainability is growing, and so is their desire for restaurants who pro-actively act to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

In order to sustain profitability hospitality businesses must keep pace with changing customer demands.
Is your business?

1 %
Vegans who eat in
non-vegan restaurants
150 %
Increase in Veganism in UK in last decade
£ 50 m
Value of gluten-free business the food industry is missing out on
£ 300 m
Estimated value of
‘free-from’ industry in 2020


As more and more people make the switch to lower meat diets and vegan options, we can help you future-proof your business by helping you cater to these new diners, whilst not losing sight of what makes you unique.


We are an experienced team of Chefs who are specialists in Vegan & plant-based cooking, & cooking without allergens. We have created delicious, plant-based menus for some of London's biggest hotels.
Our unique skills mean we can help provide businesses with simple, collaborative solutions for a proactive response to modern changes in customer eating habits!
We empower food businesses to create menus that are more inclusive so they can cater to everyone, regardless of their dietary needs and lifestyle choices.

We help you win new customers to help make your business more profitable


Our services extend from menu development and beyond, and help businesses tackle 3 of the top challenges the hospitality industry currently faces:

1. Veganism & the environment, and the need to cater without reliance on Meat & Dairy to reduce carbon emissions; and the need to meet demand of the rise in flexitarian, and Vegan & Vegetarian customers,

2. Re-purposing and reducing Food Waste, to reduce operating costs and also reduce carbon emissions associated with wasted food,

3. Catering for those with Allergies, creating better menus to cater for customers with allergies, to help you welcome more customers, and empowering staff appropriately to ensure customer safety, and avoiding reputational risk

Menu Co-Development

We work with your team to create an innovative menu that caters to all, regardless of food allergies and lifestyle choices, and with reduced reliance on meat and dairy


We empower your team to create their own ‘free-from’ and vegan menu options, by providing tailored training sessions to meet your needs

We also provide training for your front of house staff to provide them with confidence to help deliver a great service to customers with specific dietary requirements.


We use our extensive network of suppliers to help you source specialist ‘free-from’ products and ingredients 


We help you obtain Accreditation from industry bodies such as Vegan & Vegetarian Society, or Coeliac UK, to open up even more opportunities to attract new and loyal customers

Food Waste management & Sustainability

We help you implement processes which have a positive impact on the environment, such as better management of food waste, and better choices of packaging

Marketing & Social Media

Our team of marketing specialists, food stylists and photographers help you implement visually engaging campaigns designed to promote your inclusive menu, and attract new customers



A selection of our delicious food by our great chefs for various clients, and all photographed by our in-house team. Almost all are allergen free and Vegan, and of course have great taste at the fore.

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